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Miriah llamong

Miriah Allamong is a widely recognized leader in the K-9 security industry. Her distinguished career as a certified working dog handler and trainer spans over 20 years, during which she has collaborated with state and federal law enforcement and special operations teams in the global war on terror. She has seen combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq, which has solidified her reputation as a seasoned professional in the field.

Under Miriah's leadership, Gladiator Allegiance LLC is the premier provider of K-9 security solutions. The company specializes in patrol, narcotics, weapons, and explosives detection, and its dogs are registered and qualified for military and law enforcement applications.

Miriah's unwavering dedication to excellence is the cornerstone of Gladiator Allegiance. She combines her wealth of experience with a commitment to professionalism, precision, and reliability, ensuring that the company consistently delivers top-tier security services that meet even the most demanding challenges.

Integrity is paramount at Gladiator Allegiance, and Miriah's team of experts merge their expertise with integrity to provide unparalleled K-9 security services that consistently exceed expectations. By choosing Gladiator Allegiance, clients can be confident that their assets and personnel are safeguarded by a trusted partner that is committed to excellence in every aspect of K-9 security.

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Deputy of Government and Public Relations
Deputy of Government and Public Relations

Max Fisher is a dynamic public and government relations officer at Gladiator Allegiance, a leading K-9 security company. Originally from Russia, Max's journey led him to New York City, where his entrepreneurial spirit shone early on. He founded a successful dog-walking business at just ten years old, showcasing his passion for working with animals and building relationships. Today, Max leverages his diverse background and experiences to excel as a public and government relations expert at Gladiator Allegiance. His unique blend of immigrant perspective, New York City grit, and early business acumen make him a valuable asset in navigating the complex landscape of security and government interactions. Max's dedication to excellence and strategic communication skills contribute significantly to the success of Gladiator Allegiance in fostering strong relationships with both the public and government entities.

Max Fisher holds a BA in political science and economics from Temple University and is pursuing an MBA in finance at Johns Hopkins University.