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Miriah llamongMy name is Miriah Allamong, I’m the proud owner of Gladiator Allegiance LLC. I’m a trainer of 20 years and a certified and licensed breeder. I made the top 4th best breeder on the East Coast, Top 15th Nationally. I breed the highest quality of European Dobermans and IPO German Shepherds.

My dogs are registered and qualified for Military and Law Enforcement.

I began my career as a Dog handler in the states as well as overseas.

My dog are highly trained for protection, Narcotics and explosives, but most importantly family dogs.
I have maintained and kept the standard Doberman qualities as well as to ensure top health tests and genetics.
My dogs are raised near my beautiful 3-year-old daughter. I love and care about my dogs and puppies, they are my family. I spend countless hours socialize and prepare the pups for their future homes. All the puppies have had all the necessary vet appointments, vaccinations, and certificates. To keep you and your family secure.

I pride myself that I have supplied the best family and trained the police dogs in the world. I will continue to provide the best dogs for families ,Federal Government, State and Local Agencies

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