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Mission Statement: Gladiator Allegiance LLC is dedicated to providing unparalleled safety and security solutions by integrating highly trained K-9 units, ensuring safety, peace of mind, and protection against a wide range of threats for all our clients.

About Us: Gladiator Allegiance LLC is a premier K-9 security company founded by Miriah Allamong, with a remarkable background in service. Her team combined 43 years of experience as a private military contractor working alongside the world’s most distinguished operation teams, police officers, and special reactions team members. Miriah brings unparalleled expertise and dedication to the field of security services with accreditations as the President of UPWDA, assigned to special crimes street division with local law enforcement and SWAT team. Some other skills are Instructor, Certified Maryland Police Corrections Training Commission Instructor, Police Officer, Narcotics Detective, K9 Master Trainer, and K9 Handler.

Our company is built on the values of integrity, excellence, and commitment to providing top-tier K-9 security solutions. With a focus on professionalism and reliability, Hayne Industries delivers cutting-edge security services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

At Gladiator Allegiance, we take pride in our team of highly trained K-9 units and security professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our clients. Our mission is to exceed expectations and set the standard for excellence in the security industry. Experience the difference with Gladiator Allegiance LLC - where expertise meets unwavering dedication to protecting what matters most.

Services Offered: K-9 Patrol Services: Our expertly trained canine teams conduct regular patrols to deter criminal activity and ensure a secure environment.

Explosive Detection: Specialized K-9 units are deployed for explosive detection, enhancing safety at events, facilities, and high-risk locations.

Narcotics Detection: Our K-9 teams excel in narcotics detection, maintaining drug-free environments in various settings.

Bedbug Detection: We offer bedbug detection services using specially trained K-9 units to swiftly identify and address bedbug infestations in residential and commercial properties.

Firearm Detection: We have introduced firearm detection services with K-9 units trained to detect firearms, enhancing security measures in diverse settings.

Why Choose Gladiator Allegiance LLC?

Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in security operations and K-9 handling. Customized Solutions: We tailor our services to provide personalized security solutions that meet each client's specific needs.

Reliability: Clients can trust us to deliver reliable and effective security services backed by a proven track record of success.

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For cutting-edge security solutions integrating highly trained K-9 units for patrol, explosive detection, narcotics detection, bedbug detection, and firearm detection, contact Gladiator Allegiance LLC today. Let us safeguard your interests with our expertise and dedication to excellence in comprehensive security services.