Protection Training

Woman walking in a dark alley with her doberman pinscher

Level 1 Protection Dog


These are the first things a trainer will teach a young dog in the protection dog program. He will learn basic commands including:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Down
  • Heel

Obedience training is foundational to the dog’s learning in the future. He must obey both on and off a leash.


Dogs must be socialized around children, crowded areas, and noisy areas early on so they will be gentle with children and calm in noisy, crowded places like malls, churches, or shopping centers.


This goes without saying that a puppy must learn his bathroom rules.

Crate trained

Crate training gives the dog a place to go that is his own. Crates allow a dog somewhere to sleep and rest.

Trained to protect from an intruder

Protection dogs must protect homes and property from intruders This is a basic skill level.

Gun training

This means the dog will be comfortable around gunfire, whether you’re shooting or an intruder is shooting. The protection dog won’t run away, but will calmly take down the intruder.

Car protection

This includes carjacking and car protection.

Enhanced searching skills

At this level, a protection dog has better-searching skills for around the house,  property, or small business.

Obeys aggressive command

If the protection dog is given the command, he will growl, bark, show his teeth, or attack. The dog will immediately stop this aggression when commanded.

Level 2 Protection Dog

A level 2 protection dog will have all the skills and training of a Level 1 dog, but with other skillsets for his work.

Obey whispered or hand signal commands

A level 2 protection dog must be able to obey his owner’s hand signals or whispered commands if an intruder is hiding inside their home. This allows the dog to sneak up on the intruder without alerting him.

Attack more than one intruder

This training teaches a dog to attack and disable two intruders.

Stronger fighting skills

When faced with a more difficult situation with an intruder or attacker, the dog is expected to exhibit greater courage and strength. Level 2 dogs have an intense, painful bite.

A Level 2 protection dog will get expensive training in these scenarios:

  • Carjacking situations
  • Small business invasion
  • Home invasion
  • Shopping mall parking lot protection
  • Running or jogging outside-the level 2 dog is trained for more discrimination of who is a threat and who isn’t.

A Level 2 protection dog is recommended for family protection or for a small business.

Level 2 Training
Level 3 Training

Level 3 Protection Dog

A Level 3 protection dog has all training and skills of Levels 1 and 2, plus additional specialized training. Let’s have a look.

Kidnapping scenarios

The dog is trained to go in after an abducted person, guard them so they can escape, or face the kidnapper to disarm him or her.

High-level fighter

This level dog is a fierce attacker using his body, teeth, and intelligence to fight.

Protect medium-sized homes and businesses

Refuses food

A level 3 dog will refuse food so he can’t be poisoned by an attacker.

Friendly aggressor training

This training teaches a dog to spot when an attacker who seems friendly, threatens his owner.

Explosive and drug training

At this level, a dog can sniff out explosives and drugs.

A Level 3 dog would be used for family protection, individual protection, a police K9 unit, a medium-sized business, or a home.